United Way of Gallia County is a local, nonprofit organization that
coordinates the investment of available financial and volunteer resources
with the community’s health and  human service needs. Funds raised in
Gallia County stay here and are used to help local citizens in need.

Equally important with giving financially is volunteering your time to put the
smile on the  face of a child, a senior or another  individual who needs to
know someone cares, really cares.
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United Way of Gallia County - About Us
We provide services and funding for the following Agencies, and we owe our
thanks to you for providing!


Girl Scouts, Heartland   800.621.7042           
Boy Scouts, Tri-State    304.675.6830
American Red Cross 740.446.8555
Holzer Hospice  740.446.5074
Senior Resource Center 740.446.7000
The Outreach Center 740.446.7555
Woodland Centers, Inc. 740.446.5500
Community Action Agency   740.367.7341
Serenity House 740.446.6752
COAD/RSVP 740.286.4918
To Request to be a United Way Agency, please go to our Contact Us
Doing What Matters

Your friends and neighbors depend on the services provided by United Way
agencies. Without exception, the people who use the services of our
agencies say you never know when you may need the services yourself.
Please know that your contribution to UWGC is sincerely appreciated.

United Way responds in thoughtful, strategic ways to pressing community

Member of United Way Worldwide and Ohio United Way.

Looking for a volunteer opportunity? Volunteer now and make a difference
in our community.